Company "Simko 7 MK" is a private company founded in 1991
by Researcher eng. chemist Mimi Koleva and has all the necessary documents such as:

1. Technical specification № 01904-2000g. By the Ministry of Public Health to produce Modular system for purification, decontamination and preservation of drinking water in two versions for household and industry
2. №01138-2000 Certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance to work with precious metals, carrying out its activities in the field of water treatment.

Our main interests are developed in the following areas:

1. Research and development in the field of environmental, electro technology for purification and disinfection of water;
2. Engineering of water purifying systems "Proraym" developed on the basis of its own patent № 1368 from 08.10.2007. "Method and apparatus for obtaining purified biologically active water";
3. Business with water purifying systems portable, household and industrial.

Up to this point, "Simko 7 MK" LTD has developed, installed and put into operation more than two hundred locations in the country and abroad.