Drinking water treatment systems

Model of the PRORAIM 120 system, designed for decontamination of drinking water with a flow rate of up to 20 l/min
Presentation of the “PRORAIM” systems

The Water Purification and Disinfection Systems of PRORAIM are based on modern environmental technologies for water treatment. They provide complex treatment and restoration of the structure of drinking water, using an appropriate combination of specific, world-renowned water treatment technologies developed by industry-leading companies.

What our system includes

The PRORAIM system includes:

  • magnetic water treatment (magnetically treated water helps to dissolve kidney stones);
  • anodic oxidation by atomic oxygen on indestructible titanium electrodes;
  • filtration through cation exchanger;
  • ionization of water with silver and copper ions.

The residual amount of silver and copper ions in the water ensures its sterilization even in the case of secondary bacterial contamination – this property is especially useful for epidemiological diseases spread by water (e.g. hepatitis).

Why is it a good idea to purify our drinking water, even if we live in urban areas

The quality of the central water supply is sometimes with diminished quality. The water is sometimes cloudy and contaminated with heavy metals such as iron, manganese and lead. The sewage and water supply networks are very old. Metal pipes are worn out and there are often holes in which drinking water draws in fecal waste water from the sewer and secondary bacterial contamination occurs. With the “PRORAIM” system you can ensure high quality of drinking water in accordance with the increasing requirements of the law and European standards.

We guarantee

Compliance with the regulatory requirements for water quality intended for drinking and domestic purposes. (Ordinance No. 9, SG No. 88/2001)


The use of chlorine for disinfection is often times inadequate and if the safe concentrations are exceeded there can be harmful effects to the human health and adverse ecological effects. The most negative factor of this disinfection is the fact that chlorine does not destroy all species viruses and bacteria, some of which are resistant to it. There are no resistant microorganisms to the silver ions. Silver has a powerful antimicrobial effect

  • Destroys viruses, bacteria, algae and fungi such as: Anaerobic bacteria from: р. Епtегососсus; Е. соli; р. Рsеudomonas; р. Legioпеllа; р. Сгурtosporidium. The cause of cholera, and others.
  • Removes: iron; manganese; ammonia; lead and others.
  • Prevents scale formation;
    Cheap, durable and easily replaceable consumables;
  • Low energy consumption of the process – 0.5 Wh / m3;
  • It does not require storage facilities, transportation costs and chemical means for decontamination in like with chlorine;
  • Maintenance costs are reduced twice;
  • The operating mode is automatically maintained and does not require staffing; .
  • The treatment is independent of the air and water temperature;
  • It decontaminates the water in a very short time immediately, minimal contact time is required;
  • Assists in the process of dissolving kidney stones;
  • Has a curative effect on skin infections, eczema and allergies;
  • It is not deactivated by the sun and air;
  • No chemicals used, no pH change;
  • Does not act aggressively on the water network;
  • Does not form any harmful by-products;
  • It does not pollute the environment.