Who are we

“Proraim AK” Ltd is a private company founded in 2017

Our company is built on the foundations laid down back in 1991 by engineer chemist Mimi Koleva founder of SIMKO 7 MK.

Engineer Koleva has a number of patents in the field of drinking water treatment and activation.

Our main development interests are in the following areas:

  1. Research and development in the field of ecological, electrophysical technologies for water purification and disinfection;
  2. Engineering of water treatment systems “Proraim” developed on the basis of our own utility model No. 1368 dated 8 October 2007 “Method and apparatus for obtaining purified and biologically active healing water”;
  3. Trading with treatment modules – portable, domestic and industrial. .
  4. Trading with Silver and Copper enriched Water.